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Event Overview

Battle Pirates Forsaken Fury 202:40

Battle Pirates Forsaken Fury 2

Greetings Captains,

The time to put an end to Spader’s reign of terror is now. On Captain Harlock’s orders the Forsaken offensive must continue targeting key Draconian Military Fleets as well as Occupied bases for destruction. Be on your guard as more Occupied Bases have been spotted this time so adjust your tactics accordingly. This time around, the focus will be on completing sets of Targets. Finishing a set of Targets will award a huge amount of bonus points, with individual Targets rewarding less points. The bonus points for completing a set does diminish over time, after completing a set five times the bonus points will no longer suffer from diminishing returns.

Good Luck Captains.

Event Information

START TIME 10:00 MST Depending on the Sector
END TIME 10:00 MST Depending on the Sector
START DATE November 14, 2013 Depending on the Sector
END DATE November 18, 2013 Depending on the Sector

Drac Military Fleets and Occupied Forsaken Bases

ANTAGONIST Draconian Lead by Greta Spader
DURATION OF EVENT 5 Day Event Event Store open additional 48 hours

Primary Mission Objective

  • Destroy Sets of Draconian Military Fleets and Occupied Forsaken Bases.
    • Three enemy sets (A, B, C) have been targeted for destruction.
    • Destroying all targets in a specific set will grant a set bonus. This bonus can be redeemed multiple times, but will yield less points with each completion.
    • Set A = 61 - 65 Highest level targets
    • Set B = 41 - 45 Medium level targets
    • Set C = 21 - 25 Lowest level targets

Event Prizes

Tier 1

Prize Price
Ballistic Plate I 150,000
Siege Targeting I 150,000
Battle Barge A  100,000
Firestorm Rockets D91-S 100,000
Depleted Uranium Shells I 100,000
Alloy Armor CX-1 100,000
Alloy Armor MC-1 100,000
Alloy Armor MX-1 100,000
Arc Missile I 100,000
Cluster Warheads I 100,000
Poseidon Depth Charge I 100,000
Stealth Attack System I 50,000
Vortex Torpedoes D61-M 50,000
Vortex Torpedoes D61-A 50,000
Vortex Torpedoes D61-T 50,000
Zynthonite Armor D2-V 100,000
Zynthonite Armor D2-E 100,000
Zynthonite Armor D2-S 100,000
Compound Panels A 50,000
Hailstorm Anti-Mortar A 100,000
Countermeasure Equipment I 100,000

Tier 2

Prize Price
Penetrative Plate II 500,000
Siege Targeting II 500,000
Leviathan A 400,000
Phalanx Anti-Missile I 400,000
Blitz Drone Module I 400,000
Assault Rockets D93-S 400,000
Depleted Uranium Shells I 400,000
Alloy Armor MX-2 400,000
Alloy Armor CX-2 400,000
Alloy Armor MC-2 400,000
Arc Missile II 400,000
Cluster Warheads II 400,000
Poseidon Depth Charge II 400,000
Stealth Attack System II 400,000
Assult Torpedoes D63-V 400,000
Assult Torpedoes D63-X 400,000
Assult Torpedoes D63-R 400,000
Zynthonite Armor D3-E 400,000
Zynthonite Armor D3-N 400,000
Zynthonite Armor D3-T 400,000
Compound Panels C 400,000
Hailstorm Anti-Mortar B 400,000
Countermeasure Equipment II 400,000

Tier 3

Prize Price
Explosive Plate III 2,000,000
Siege Targeting III 2,000,000
Hammerhead B 1,500,000
Phalanx Anti-Missile II 1,750,000
Blitz Drone Module II 1,500,000
Siege Rockets D95-S 1,750,000
Depleted Uranium Shells III 1,750,000
Alloy Armor MC-3 1,750,000
Alloy Armor MX-3 1,750,000
Alloy Armor CX-3 1,750,000
Arc Missile III 1,500,000
Cluster Warheads III 1,750,000
Poseidon Depth Charge III 1,750,000
Stealth Attack System III 1,500,000
Siege Torpedoes D65-C 1,750,000
Siege Torpedoes D65-S 1,500,000
Siege Torpedoes D65-D 1,500,000
Zynthonite Armor D4-M 1,500,000
Zynthonite Armor D4-C 1,500,000
Zynthonite Armor D4-X 1,500,000
Compound Panels E 1,500,000
Hailstorm Anti-Mortar C 1,500,000
Countermeasure Equipment III 1,750,000

Tier 4

Prize Price
Vulture Missiles 3,500,000
Assault Mortar D73-X 3,500,000
Barracuda 3,000,000
Halo Missile 3,500,000
Phalanx Anti-Missile III 3,000,000
Blitz Drone Module III 3,000,000

Tier 5

Prize Price
Vanguard 9,500,000
Guardian 7,500,000

Prize Redemption

Players will earn points for completing sets of targets and will be able to redeem those points for prizes in the event store. Players may spend points and redeem up to two prizes. Once both prizes in a Tier have been redeemed you will be unable to spend further points for prizes in that Tier, so choose wisely!

Target List

Set Target Type Points Resources Remarks Image
C 21 Military Fleets 1,023 151,652 1 BC, 3 Frigate,
4 Corvette
View Image Icon
C 22 Draconian Occupied Base 1,605 4,000,032 5 LC
View Image Icon
C 23 Draconian Occupied Base 2,027 6,000,016 5 BC
View Image Icon
C 24 Military Fleets


3,038,892 1 Typhoon, 2 BC,
4 LC, 2  Frigate
View Image Icon
C 25 Draconian Occupied Base 3,414 11,999,904 5 BS
View Image Icon
B 41 Military Fleets 6,571 10,025,220 1 Dread, 1 BS,
4 BC, 3 LC
View Image Icon
B 42 Draconian Occupied Base 9,121 +13,787,076 2 Juggernaut, 3 MC
View Image Icon
B 43 Draconian Occupied Base 10,062 +13,787,076 2 Juggernaut,
2 MCX, 1 BC
View Image Icon
B 44 Military Fleets 12,015 +13,787,076 1 Typhoon, 2 DNX,
4 Interdictor, 1 BS
View Image Icon
B 45 Draconian Occupied Base 13,574 +13,787,076 2 SC, 2 BS
View Image Icon
A 61 Military Fleets 4 MCX, 2 SC,
4 Reapers
View Image Icon
A 62 Draconian Occupied Base 2 Guardian,
1 MC, 2 BC
View Image Icon
A 63 Draconian Occupied Base 3 Guardian
View Image Icon
A 64 Military Fleets 1 Nemesis, 2 MCX,
3 DNX, 2 SCX
View Image Icon
A 65 Draconian Occupied Base ~100,000,000 1 Nemesis,
2 Guardian,
1 MCX, 1 BC
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  • (21) Military Fleet
  • (22) Occupied Base
  • (23) Occupied Base
  • (24) Military Fleet
  • (25) Occupied Base
  • (41) Military Fleet
  • (42) Occupied Base
  • (43) Occupied Base
  • (44) Military Fleet
  • (45) Occupied Base
  • (61) Military Fleet
  • (63) Occupied Base
  • (63) Occupied Base
  • (64) Military Fleet
  • (65) Occupied Base

Key & Ships Used:

Bonus Points Payout

Here is the list of Bonus Point payouts by Tier including their diminishing returns.

Group A

  • 2,500,000 - First Completion
  • 2,250,000
  • 2,000,000
  • 1,750,000
  • 1,500,000 - Maximum Diminishing Returns

Group B

  • 1,200,000 - First Completion
  • 960,000
  • 720,000
  • 480,000
  • 240,000 - Maximum Diminishing Returns

Group C

  • 150,000 - First Completion
  • 120,000
  • 90,000
  • 60,000
  • 30,000 - Maximum Diminishing Returns

Once you reach the Maximum Diminishing Returns the bonus points you receive will no longer decay. For additional context, if you completed Set A four times, you'll have enough to redeem the new Vanguard or completed Set B four times, you'll have enough to redeem the new Vulture.


The final chapter of the great war is quickly approaching. One last push, and the seas are yours. Captain. It's time to give the Dracs everything you've got! Forsaken Fury 2 is on the horizon.
  — Captain Harlock 

Prepare your forces, Captain! The day has come for Greta Spader's reign of terror to meet its demise. Destroy sets of Draconian tatgets to earn points and claim the seas in the name of the Forsaken once and for all!
  — Captain Harlock 

Forsaken Fury 2 begins in less than 24 hours. Earn points by destroying sets of Draconian targets for the chance to win the new Vanguard Hull. Hold nothing back, Captain, and level Spader's regime once and for all!
  — Captain Harlock 

New Blueprints:

Ballistic, Penetrative, and Explosive Plating:

New Forsaken Armor Plates that are built to withstand High-Salvo rapid fire Weapons, by reducing the damage they deal by a flat amount.

The Vulture Turret:

This modified Missile Turret is capable of dealing Critical Hits to targets that have already sustained damage. When placed as a last line of defense this turret is the perfect weapon to finish the job.

The Vanguard:

This new Forsaken Flagship hull is designed to operate on the frontline where a Tactical Field will have the largest impact on the battle. It is also equipped with dampeners that reduce the weight of an equipped Tactical Module allowing it to carry additional Firepower.

Additional Facts

  • Unlike Forsaken Fury 1, you will be able to claim 2 prizes per tier.
  • This event lasted 4 days from 14 Nov to 18 Nov, which is shorter than last Forsaken Fury.
  • The event started late by as far as 3 hours later.
  • Starting 1 hour, players experienced a lot of lag and SOS screen etc.
  • Last 20 minutes of event, players experienced a lot of lag and SOS screen etc.
  • With each outpost/fleets, the points are cut to up to 80,000 (outpost 65), but the set bonus has been beefed up to 2.5m (set A), 1.2 m (set B) and 150,000 (set C). Furthermore the set bonus will be reduce by 10% for Set A and 20% for set B and C for 5 times before settling for a constant payout of 1.5 m (set A is 60% of first hit reward), 240,000 (set B is 20% of first hit) and 30,000 (Set C is 20% of first hit).
  • Relocation has been locked till one day after event. (most events have relocation unlocked after event.)



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