Forsaken Arena Overview


  • Repair Status - Win or lose, Repair Insurance will automatically reward 100% health after battle for the next 3 matches. Winning one of the matches while Repair Insurance is active returns 40% of your spent Uranium.
  • Your Arena Rank is based on your wins and losses against challenging opponents.
  • 100% max fleet health restored post combat.


Title Points
Warrant Officer 0-800
Veteran Warrant Officer 800- 929
Ensign 930-1029
Veteran Ensign 1030-1119
Lieutenant 1120-1209
Veteran Lieutenant 1210-1289
Captain 1290-1359
Veteran Captain 1360-1439
Commander 1440-1499
Veteran Commander 1500-1559
Vice Admiral 1560-1629
Veteran Vice Admiral 1630-1699
Admiral 1700-1779
Veteran Admiral 1780-1869
Legendary Admiral 1870+

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Battle Pirates Forsaken Arena


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