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These links leads to other useful tools and/or info hosted by other players. While they usually are verified as safe at the time of posting, they are NOT monitored by Kixeye or any one else so a certain amount of caution IS adviced. After all, even reputable newspapers have had malware of their sites after hacker-injections.


Bpoutpost Shipyard

Online Fleet Planner. Build and customize your ships and fleets in this online shipyard, build the ultimate battle pirates fleet by checking weight and other stats. Fully upto-date, including newly added items like Siege Mortar B, Shockwave Q and Electronic Sheild.  Webpage:

Ultimate Shipyard

Hosted by Sakis, this nifty little thing let you design both single ships and entire fleets. As you can set the size of your dock, you can also verify if you need to upgrade them or redesign to fit within current weight limit.  Webpage:

SCHMEE'S Ship vs. Ship Simulator

Design single ships and pit them against each other. A variety of simulated battle options. Webpage:

Battle P.A.R.R.O.T.

(Preemptive Analytics Roustabout & Resource Optimization Toolset) While still of some use, these tools are no longer being updated. Provided by Mike Cherven, includes a weapons-table that calculates the effect of specials on damage, range and so forth. Webpage:

Battle Pirates Tools

Navigational tools including sector relay-tower finder, travel time calculator and if registering an account, storing bookmarks. Also have an FB-page.



Keep upto-date with Battle Pirates news and discussion. Compete Battle Pirates Strategy Guide website with gameplay tips, base designs, fleet builds, and Drac Weapons and Armor Blueprint tables.Battle Pirates Complete Guide -

Over 300 Base Designs. User sumbitted and user rated Base Designs - Battle Pirates Top Rated Base Design -

Battle Pirates Discussion, fleet builds, outpost setup, upcoming features - Fans Moderated Battle Pirates Forum -

Complete Draconian Weapon Blueprint Table with Damage Per Second - Drac Weapon Blueprint Complete List -

Strategy guide walkthrough. Beginers to advanced players. Level 1 to Level +70 - Battle Pirates Guide -

Player Guides in Kixeye Forums

A wide variety of player written guides for everything from Base Design to Auto-Salvaging to "How to Survive Level 40." Managed and monitored by Kixeye.

Facebook Groups

Complete Guide to Blueprints

Up to date details on all the Blueprints in the game. Includes, screenshots or each, construction requirements, and BP drop tiers as well as long running discussions about each item. This group is run by Marcus Licinius and is "closed" so you must apply for membership (freely given).

Complete Guide to Rogue Crews

Up to date screenshots of each of the Rogue Crews sorted by rarity. This group is run by Marcus Licinius and is "closed" so you must apply for membership (freely given).

Battle Pirates All Sectors War Room 1 - 500 

All Sectors War Room