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Drones are miniaturised vessels deployed by a mothership to attack the enemy in swarms. When used to attack en-masse, they can be very destructive and damaging.

They were first seen in the Storm series of events (back in late 2012), where Draconians introduced the Typhoon hull, a drone carrier they could carry large amounts of these drones. Later on, the Forsaken released their own Hurricane hull as an event prize.

Even later, when the Reaver faction were introduced, drones were a common sight accompanying Reaver Scouts.

Compatible Forsaken Ships

Only the Arbiter Hull, the Hurricane Hull and the Vanguard Hull are able to deploy these drones via the drone modules.

Enemy Drones

During events featuring the Typhoon hull, the Typhoon hull tend to deploy drones that had either Chainguns (similar to Ripper Cannons), Missiles, or Torpedoes.

Later on, Reaver drones that accompanied the Reaver fleets tended to wield a variety of weapons including Chainguns, Missiles, Rockets and Torpedoes

Forsaken Drone Modules


Blitz Drone Module

  • Deploys ballistic drones during combat the destroy targets with concentrated cannon fire. This particular drone module are more all-rounded then the other types and is multipurpose.

Siege Drone Module

  • Deploys drones that attack targets with mid-range missiles outfitted with siege warheads. These missile drones deal additional damage to buildings due to its Siege warheads

Piranha Drone Module

  • Deploys drones armed with miniaturized versions of Piranha Depth Charges. These are best suited for hunting submarines.

Maximum Active Drones:

The number of maximum active drones depend on the version of the module you are using. For example, if Blitz Drone Module I is used, there will be 2 active drones. If Blitz Drone Module II is used, 3 active drones, and so on. The Hurricane hull doubles the capacity of active drones by 2, meaning a Hurricane hull will deploy twice as much drones as indicated on the module.

XXX Module I - 2 Active Drones (x2 with Hurricane hull)

XXX Module II - 3 Active Drones (x2 with Hurricane hull)

XXX Module III - 4 Active Drones (x2 with Hurricane hull)


Drones are best used for:

  • Base Guard (Outside )
  • Draconian Outposts or Military Strongholds
  • Salvages (Any level)