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Dreadnought   Dreadnought X   Spader's DNX


Dreadnought 3D

The pride of the Draconian fleet, this massive ship is larger and far more advanced than anything the Forsaken has with plenty of space for weapons and special components.
  — In-game Description 


Dreadnought Dreadnought R5
Weapon Slots 8
Armor Slots 4
Armor Points 5,200
Special Slots 4
Max Weight 13,020 tons
Cargo 551,480 1,075,835
Evade Bonus -20% 0%
Combat Speed 8 10
Turn Speed 10 15
Map Speed 14 25
Detection Range 0
Ballistic Defense +20% +40%
Explosive Defense +20% +40%
Missile Defense +20%
Underwater Weapon No
Refit-able Yes
Mortar reload -
Spread -
Splash -
Ballistic Reload +89%
Ballistic Range +19%
Time 6d
Oil 14,062,500
Metal 11,250,000
Energy 11,250,000
Zynthium 28,125,000

Additional FactsEdit

  • The Dreadnought (mostly called Dread in-game) was rewarded to the top 4 captains per sector who destroyed the most bases/fleets in Base Invaders.
  • For a time this ship was considered the most powerful base hitter in the game.
  • With 8 weapon slots and 4 special slots, the Dread is still a ship to be reckoned with.
  • This was awarded to the players that had the top 4 scores in their sector for Base Invaders I.
  • (It was c. 2012, the largest ship in the game and can carry the highest amount of equipment)
  • It is slow, but its 4 special slots means putting Engine 3 on it is almost a must
  • Many players (back in 2012) uses Dreadnoughts as a "blitz fleet" in base attacks
  • The Dreadnought Hull was rewarded to players trading in 6M points for it in Dragon's Nest 2.



Base Invaders Dreadnought Hull04:24

Base Invaders Dreadnought Hull

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