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Event Overview

Battle Pirates Dragon's Grip 2-002:20

Battle Pirates Dragon's Grip 2-0

The war rages on, Captain! Draconian forces have continued to occupy Forsaken bases, ransacking and taking them as their own. It's time to stop Spader's campaign once and for all. Can we count on you?
  — Captain Harlock 

Event Information

START TIME 00:00 PST Depending on the Sector
END TIME 00:00 PST Depending on the Sector
START DATE September 19, 2013 Depending on the Sector
END DATE September 23, 2013 Depending on the Sector
EVENT TYPE Attack Drac Military Fleets and Occupied Forsaken Bases
ANTAGONIST Draconian Lead by Greta Spader

5 Days

Event Store open additional 48 hours

Primary Mission Objective

  • Destroy Draconian Military Fleets and Occupied Forsaken Bases.
  • 50 unique targets have been designated for destruction.
  • Military Fleets and Occupied Forsaken Bases have been targeted throughout the sectors.
  • Proceed with caution as reports show Nemeses and Typhoons allocated to certain Military Fleets.

Event Prizes

Prize 1 Prize 2
Tier 5 Juggernaut X Stingray
Tier 4 Sentinel Missile V Assault Cannon D33-Z
Tier 3 Hydrodynamic Shells 3 Siege Drone Module III
Tier 2 Hydrodynamic Shells 2 Siege Drone Module II
Tier 1 Hydrodynamic Shells 1 Siege Drone Module I
  • Prize Redemption: Dragon’s Grip will feature a similar prize system to Drac Hunt events.
  • Once a player destroys all of the targets within a given Tier, and has completed all previous tiers, they will be able to choose a prize from that Tier.
  • After destroying all 50 targets, players can go through the Tiers again and earn the second prize in each Tier.
  • For example, after claiming the new Juggernaut X, players can earn the second Tier 1 prize by completing targets 1-10 an additional time.

Target List

Target / Tier 1 (1-10) 2 (11-20) 3 (21-30) 4 (31-40) 5 (41-50)
1 Fleet 5 mini +1 BC 5 mini, 3 destr, 4 LC, 1 bc 5 Battle Cr, 2 Battleship
2 6 mini, 1 BC 4 mini, 2 dest, 4 LC, 1 BC 3 Light Cr, 4 Battle Cr, 2 Battleship, 1 Dreadnaught
3 Miniship fleet + 1BC Swarm 3 mini, 3 dest , 4 LC,1 BC, 2 Torp turrets 2 Battle Cr, 4 Interdictor, 2 Battleship, MC, MC-X
4 7 mini, 1 dest, 1 BC 4 mini, 4 dest,1 LC, 2 BC typhoon 2 dest, 4 LC, 2 BC, 2 Torp turrets, Typhoon, 2 BC, 1 LC

Occupied Base

4 o'clock

Occupied Base

5LC, 1:30 o'clock

Occupied Base

5 Battleship, 4:30 o'clock

Occupied Base

1 Battle Cr, 2 Juggernaut, 2 MC-x  5 o'clock

Occupied Base
6 7 mini, 1 dest, 1 BC 3 dest, 3 Light Cr, 6 Battle Cr swarm,  Battle Cr,  Battleship, MC, MC-x
7 Fleet: 6 mini, 2 destroyer, 1 BC Fleet: 1 dest, 3 Light Cr, 9 Battle Cr 3 Light Cr, 4 Battle Cr, 2 Battleship, 1 Dreadnaut
8 Fleet, 5 mini, 4 dest, 1 Battle Cr Swarm: 2 dest, 4 Light Cruisers, ? Battle Cruisers Fleets Battleship-Interdictor + Missile Cru-Battle Cru
9 Fleet 8 mini, 1 BC, 1 Battleship 7 dest, 2 BC, Typhoon + 3 LC 5 Light Cr, 1 Battle Cr, 4 Torp turrets, Typhon +1 Battle Cr, 2 Battleship

Occupied Base

4 o'clock

Occupied Base

5 BC, 9 o'clock

Occupied Base

MC-guard, 11 o'clock

Occupied Base Occupied Base


Commander Spader's push has shown no signs of letting up. You must destroy Occupied Forsaken Bases before the Dracs are able to fully solidify their stranglehold on the World Map. It's now or never - are you in? -
  — Captain Harlock 

Draconian Military Fleets have taken the seas by storm, laying waste to Forsaken bases far and wide. If we don't act soon, Spader's reign of terror will be permanent. Dragon's Grip 2 begins in less than 24 hours - tear the Dracs apart for your chance to win the Juggernaut X! -
  — Captain Harlock 

Additional Facts

  • This Raid is the Juggernaut X first appearance in the game.
  • Sonar Ring: There is now a sonar ring that surrounds objects/hulls that have sonar detection. In the video is pulsates, but it will be static during the event. The ring is NOT a measure of sonar range and merely indicates what NPCs have sonar capabilities.
  • Retreat Cooldown: When attacking an Occupied Forsaken Base, players will have the ability to retreat from battle (similar to a standard base attack). However, unlike the standard retreat, there will be a cooldown before the player will be able to use it again.



Battle Pirates Dragon's Grip 202:20

Battle Pirates Dragon's Grip 2

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