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What blueprint  is dropped  from the Draconian base when winning, and how many different blueprints are there to get?

What targets drop the new blueprints?

  • Only the main level 82 Draconian bases.

How do I get a blueprint from a Draconian base?

  • 1-4 players can attack a Draconian base.
  • Whoever is inside the base (with at least one ship still "alive") when the "base destroyed" message appears has a random chance to get a BP (Assuming you have contributed at least 1 point of damage to the base/enemy fleets).
  • The chance of the base releasing a BP is random.

How do I destroy a Draconian base?

  • On the health bar at the top left is a small symbol.
  • Once the health of the base drops below this point, a message will appear saying "base destroyed".

What about this Proto-Nemesis?

  • Each time a Draconian Base is destroyed, there is a VERY rare chance to receive a completed blueprint for the new Proto-Nemesis hull.
  • Only one of these ships can be built at any one time per player.
  • There are no multiple pieces. 
  • Once you win it, you can start building.

How many parts are the other blueprints?

  • Each of the turret special blueprints are in two pieces.

How the hell do you expect us to do this?

  • Bring some friends. This is not something that is expected to be able to be completed solo.

If I get all the turret special BPs, do I get a better chance at the Proto Nemesis?

  • No. Having all the turret special BPs does not increase your odds at getting the hull.

Does the "Lucky Bastards" Rogue crew work in Draconian bases?

  • No, it does not.

How is damage calculated in drac bases?

  • IF you go to the 75% mark it auto bubbles however, if you go to 50-74% mark and you leave the battle and rejoin with a friend, I would say the chances would be given to you but I am (Hitman007) not 100% about that.

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