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Battle Pirates Draconian Bases02:19

Battle Pirates Draconian Bases

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Battle Pirates Draconian Base Strategy

Greetings Captains, The most epic feature in the history of Battle Pirates is now live! Team up with other players, plan your assault, and take the fight to the heart of the Draconian Empire. Be warned, these Draconian bases are heavily armed with superior defensive capabilities, as well as ships from their military fleets. Proceed with caution!
  — KIXEYE CM MagicSarap 


  • Up to 4 players can attack a Draconian Base at one time. You generally need to enter the base from different vectors (sides, angles of attack).
  • Destroying the defensive auxiliary cannons will prevent them from defending the Draconian Base.
  • Two players can attack the defensive auxiliary cannon at one time.
  • Destroying Draconian Buildings will garner Uranium Currency. Bigger buildings yield more Uranium.
  • Damaging a Draconian Base to 65% yields a blueprint, and it is then considered "destroyed."
  • Once a Draconian Base has been destroyed, base defenses will activate and players will be unable to attack the base until it’s fully repaired.

Additional Facts

After reviewing internal data and player feedback, Kixeye have made the following revisions to Draconian Bases.

  • More Resources now drop from ships within the Draconian Bases.
  • Uranium can now be earned from ships within the Draconian Bases.
  • Damage from perimeter ships within the Draconian Bases has been reduced.
  • An icon now appears for players when they destroy a Draconian Base.
  • This icon is temporary in length, but can be re-earned by destroying another Draconian Base.
  • Since Battle Pirates Update on September 5, 2013, players will now have the chance to earn Blueprints by successfully attacking Draconian Bases.
  • The Kixeye team has implemented a weight on damage as a way to reduce the amount of players that are obtaining Blueprints from Draconian Bases without participating in the battle. Damage dealt will be weighted and will be an added factor in determining the random winner when a Draconian Base is destroyed.
  • 1/16/14 - Fixed an issue where consecutively attacking a Draconian Base would occasionally cause the Attack Plan screen to fail to load the Attack button.




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