Dr Brennus

A photo taken of this brilliant Forsaken scientist

Dr Brennus is a scientist working for the Forsaken forces. He appeared in the Drac Hunt series. He has since been promoted to the rank of Admiral and is continuously helping the Forsaken war effort by creating advanced Forsaken hulls.


Dr Brennus was first introduced in the Drac Hunt series, when he discovered that Draconians are deploying large fleets to guard their bases. Dr. Brennus's hard work has led to a number of Forsaken technological breakthroughs, including the creation of the Forsaken's "ultimate weapon" the Triton.

After the long period inferiority of the Forsaken ships, Dr Brennus led a new trend of advanced Forsaken hulls, comparable to Draconian technology. In Drac Hunt 2, a Forsaken hull known as the Thresher was developed, specializing in rockets.

Events of the Drac Hunt 3 led to the promotion of Dr Brennus to Admiral. Now the leader of the Forsaken, Admiral Brennus introduced the Mercury hull and in Drac Hunt 4, and the Stingray hull to help in the defeat of Draconian Military fleets.


Since the end of Drac Hunt 4, Admiral Brennus has not been mentioned. However, new hulls including the Rampart, Mako, Mauler etc. are continuously being released, indicating that he is still working to help the war effort.

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