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Downpour Missiles

Equipped in multi-purpose weapon slots only, these precision strike missiles can fire while submerged.
  — In-game Description 


Downpour Missiles I Have Downpour Missiles II Downpour Missiles III
Tech Forsaken
Must be stopped to fire. Stealth reduced while firing.
Flak Evasion 34% 34% 34%
Range 24-65 24-65 24-65
Damage 86 118 236
Building Damage 172 236 472
DPS 12.04 16.52 33.04
Building DPS 34.4 47.2 94.4
Reload Time 5 5 5
Accuracy 70 70 70
Type Penetrating Penetrating Penetrating
Weight (Tons) 175 350 700
Pre-fire Delay 0.75 sec 0.75 sec 0.75 sec


Downpour Missiles I Downpour Missiles II Downpour Missiles III
Oil 1,500,000 3,000,000 6,000,000
Metal 1,200,000 2,400,000 4,800,000
Energy 1,200,000 2,400,000 4,800,000
Zynthium 2,250,000 4,500,000 9,000,000
Time 9h 49m 17h 27m 1d 5h 4m
Time With Officer 8h 50m 06s 15h 42m 18s 1d 2h 9m 36s


Equipped in multi-purpose weapon slots only, these precision strike missiles can fire while submerged. Ship/sub must be stopped for weapon to fire. Pre-fire delay occurs when ships stop, so ships must sit for 0.75 seconds before missiles will fire.

The Downpour Missile uses a new type of technology that allows certain submarines to fire at land-based targets while remaining submerged! This missile can only be equipped to a dual-use (Underwater / Surface) weapon slot, like those found on the Barracuda and Reaper submarines. However, before any missiles can be launched the firing submarine must be stationary.

Tactical Application:

The ability for the missile to fire at land targets while submerged is powerful in many applications from base prepping to Drac Outpost combat. The fact that the missile will only fire while the ship is stationary allows the player to selectively attack targets while doing no unwanted damage. With proper control and targeting this allows for maximum efficiency in base prepping while remaining under the 25% damage protection mark.

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