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Diplomat Mortar


Diplomat Mortar Stats
Diplomat Mortar Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Range 40 - 85 40 - 85 40 - 85 40 - 85
Damage 100 156 240 304
Reload Time 6.0s 6.0s 6.0s 6.0s
Damage Per Second 16.67 26 40 50.67
Type Explosive Explosive Explosive Explosive
Splash 10 10 10 10
Spread 80 80 80 80
Weight 105 ton 179 ton 303 ton 516 ton
Research Requirements

Weapons Lab 5

Rapier IV

Research Time 10h 30m 0s 1d 7h 30m
Research Oil 568,750 2,843,750
Research Metal 291,200 1,164,800
Research Energy 291,200 1,164,800
Research Zynthium 195,081 682,784
Build Time 21m 47m
Build Oil 3,792 18,958 94,792 473,958
Build Metal 3,033 12,133 48,533 194,133
Build Energy 3,033 12,133 48,533 194,133
Build Zynthium 2,654 9,290 32,514 113,797


The third unlocked weapon type, Diplomat Mortars are very slow to fire, but have a very high damage to weight ratio. Best described as 'one shot only', it's unlikely a Diplomat Mortar will get in many shots before the end of a battle. They are described as "high-arching explosive mortars". They are probably best used while the enemy is in pursuit and you are "running away," also known as "kiting".

Eventually, around L50 or so, a player will want to use D73-X mortars against fleets and forget they even heard of (nearly useless) Diplomats.

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