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Depth Charge2

Anti submarine rocket that deploys a depth charge on splashdown. Submarines hit by the blast will be forced to surface.
  — In-game Description 


Size Small Medium Large
Flight Time 4s 6s 8s
Damage 400 650 1,025
vs Buildings 300 487 768

Weapon Lab ?

Small Orion

Weapon Lab ?

Small Orion

Small Depth Charge

Weapon Lab 10

Small Orion

Small Depth Charge

Medium Depth Charge

Time 2d 4d 8d
Oil 5,184,000 10,368,000 20,736,000
Metal 4,147,200 8,294,400 16,588,800
Energy 4,147,200 8,294,400 16,588,800
Zynthium 6,220,800 12,441,600 24,883,200
Requirements ? ? ?
Time ? ? ?
Oil ? ? ?
Metal ? ? ?
Energy ? ? ?
Zynthium ? ? ?


  • The Depth Charge Rocket is the latest addition to the Launch Pad arsenal.
  • Researched in the Weapons Lab, all three levels of this new Rocket have the ability to hit both surfaced and submerged targets.
  • Any submerged target that is hit by the Depth Charge Rocket will be forced to surface.

Additional Facts

  • Tactical Use: The Depth Charge Rocket is best used to drive an enemy sub to the surface while in range of your fleet’s weapons. This includes subs that may not be showing up on sonar; allowing players to guess at a sub’s position when taking a shot.
  • The concussive damage of the Depth Charge Rocket affects surface ships as well, making it a versatile weapon even in non-sub engagements.
  • Players can leave feedback regarding this update here .
  • Known issues with this updated will be listed here as they arise.




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