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Damage protection (DP) or "Bubbles" protect your base from attacks for a set number of hours.

Damage protection expires when

  • the DP countdown timer reaches 0 or
  • you attack another player's base.
  • You may still engage in Fleet vs. Fleet battles without losing damage protection.


DP will be activated in progressive manner  at 25%,50%, and 100%.

Base Damage (%) DP Time (Hours)
25% 12 
50% 24


When 8 attacks occur within in 1 hour, players bases get 1 hour DP.

When first attack reach 25% and player released DP to attack another base. Next player have to damage base to 50% to achieve DP again, else player base will not be in DP. if first attack over 50% and player breaks DP, next attacker have to 100% the base to achieve DP and the counter is reset to 0%.


  • Damage Protection is a duration of time when a base is cannot be attacked.
    • Players call this being under the protection of a bubble.
  • The trigger point for protection is 25% or higher base damage.
  • Damage percentage is calculated by your overall base health, not by the number of buildings destroyed.
    • All buildings' health make up the total health of base, walls excluded.
    • Different building at different levels have different unknown building hitpoint which contribute to the total base damage. therefore every building do not contribute same percenage to the total base damage.
    • Fortification has no effect on base health but building hit point had (but that is unknown to players).
  • During a base attack, the top center shows a bar which represents the % of damage of the base.
    • You can use that as a gauge of damage done.
  • Damage Protection is removed when the player attacks the base of another player or the time duration runs out.
  • Outdated : 48 hours of damage protection to players who had been attacked 10 times in 1 hour.
    • This feature was termed buddy bubble / Friendly Bubbling / Frubbling and was sometimes used by teams of players to minimize exposure to base attacks.
    • This has been modified to 8 base hits in 4 hours and will only give a 1hr duration bubble. Hitting fleets, including the guarding fleet does not count towards the 8 hits. After 4 hours, the hit tally is returned to 0, so the base has to be hit another 8 times to get the 1hr bubble.
  • Unlike previously mentioned by Kixeye, hitting fleets does not reset the 8 hit count.
  • Players can spend coins to gain bubbles without being hit.
    • There is a 24h (Cooldown 5d), 7d  (Cooldown 14d) and 28d (Cooldown 28d) option.
    • All options have a cooling off period when you cannot coin another DP.




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