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A Draconian developed irradited flachette launcher. Focused fire on a single target will eventually cause a deadly cryogenic shockwave which will will decrease targets' Combat Speed, Resistance and Reload.
  — In game description 


D104-N D104-S
Consecutive hits will lead to Cryo Shockwave.
Tech Draconian Draconian
Range 91 91
Damage 980 1,220
Building Damage 490 1,830
Salvo 8 1
Reload Time 2.50 6
Accuracy 70 50
Damage Per Second 274.4 101.7
DPS (Building) 196 305
Weapon Type Launcher Launcher
Damage Type Radioactive Radioactive
Weight 600 Tons 700 Tons
Armor Points 350 200
Shockwave Damage 4,296 4,296
Launcher Supercharge - 5x


Oil 6,000,000
Metal 4,800,000
Energy 4,800,000
Zynthium 9,000,000
Time 15h 18m 20s
Time With Officer 13h 46m 30s



Shockwave Note: It only requires 80 hits from this launcher to trigger a cryogenic shockwave; which is unlike the impulse launcher, which requires 120 hits. Shockwave buildup dissipates after 10 seconds.

Ships must have at least 9800 hull in order for a shockwave to trigger. Buildings must have at least 4900 hull in order for a shockwave to trigger.

NOTE: It has been reported that the Gauss Supercharger is not working properly with this launcher.

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