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Hurls heavy shells with high-speed electromagnetic rails after a moment of stationary time to calibrate. Shots will damage everything they pierce though.
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CROSSBOW -- a Long Range Forsaken cannon requires ships its mounted on to be completely stopped before firing. [the Arbalest gun is much, much better!] This Cannon, will deal damage in a line to anything that its projectile passes through, as it hurls Heavy Shells at extreme speeds thanks to high power electromagnetic rails. The Cannon has a maximum firing range of 49 and a minimum range of 30. After shooting, the projectile will travel to its maximum range dealing its full damage. Once it reaches its maximum range, the projectile will then travel its pierce range distance, dealing less damage to a maximum of 40%( Besides the CrossBow 3 whisch less damage at a maximum of 20%) less damage. It is not possible to extended the Pierce Range of the weapon, but it is possible to extend the maximum range of the weapon through the use of Hardened Barrels.

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