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Compound Armor

Zynthium-based armor forged using advanced Draconian technology that provides additional protection bonusses against all types of weapons. Awarded during the Revenge Raid V - Base Invaders, Storm Strike and Drac Hunt events.

Compound Armor I II III
Compound Armor D5-E pic Compound Armor II pic Compound Armor III pic
Ballistic Defence +11% +22% +33%
Explosive Defence +11% +22% +33%
Missile Defence +11% +22% +33%
Armor Weight +4% +6% +8%
Build Oil 38 250 982 800 3,990,000
Build Metal 36 125 928 200 3,768,333
Build Energy 42 500 1 092 000 4,433,333
Build Zynthium 28 333 728 000 2,955,556
Build Time 3h 14m 0s 6h 56m 40s 9h 24m 00s

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