Combat Control

Additional Facts

  • Ship/Base Battle Controls
    • "left/right arrow" for alternating ships.
    • "UP arrow" to select all ships. (the most important cmd key)
    • "click" to select menu or choose an item in menu.
    • "o" to let ships choose their own targets.
    • "shift-o" let ships target a target while sailing.
  • Battle Commands have been implemented and will allow you to control your fleets with more tactical precision. Elevate your battle tactics with the following commands below:
    • Up Arrow = Select All ships.
    • Shift + Click = Target without changing travel orders.
    • O (Zero) = All ships choose a random target.
    • Arrow Keys or Number Pad = Switching to individual ships.
  • A number of improvements have been implemented in that will give players more control over their fleets, as well as more information to make better tactical decisions in battle!
    • “Stop” Hotkey Pressing the “Down” arrow will stop selected ships. Players will have the ability to stop individual ships or the entire fleet, allowing fleets to maintain their maximum engagement range.
  • Chat Commands
    • /base = Output the players base location. Used to help players find a player or used to sent SOS help signal.
    • xxxxxx,xxx = Where x are numbers, this command sents out location pings with a link to map.
  • Players using the game in windowed mode may now select ships with the number keys 1-5 during combat.
  • The flagship is selected with the “1” key and all other ships are selected in numeric order of how they were placed in the fleet.
  • In addition, a number should appear above the health bar of every ship indicating which key controls the ship.
  • Ship pathing in combat has been improved. Pathing has now returned to the old mechanism. There have also been some improvements to prevent ships from getting stuck on walls (this does not impact the pathing mechanism).

In-Game Quotes

How have improved Combat Controls helped in your quest for world dominance?
  — Kixeye 

Quote 1
  — Description 

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Battle Pirates Tutorial Basic Combat Strategies

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