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"Run Silent, Run Deep" is the motto of the catterpillar drive. For the game it is not an engine but a special to make your sub rather stealthy. 

"A magnetohydrodynamic drive or MHD propulsor is a method for propelling vessels using only electric and magnetic fields with no moving parts (hence its silence), using magnetohydrodynamics. 

The working principle involves electrification of the propellant (gas or water) which can then be directed by a magnetic field, pushing the vehicle in the opposite direction. Although some working prototypes exist, MHD drives remain impractical." (Photo/Video)

Decreases detection range.
  — In-game Description 


Caterpillar Type I II III
Bp Spec 50 Bp Spec 51 Bp Spec 52
Weapon Weight +5% +10% +14%
Cloak efficiency +19% +40% +60%
Research Oil 1,750,000 12,816,000 25M
Research Metal 1,653,250 12,104,000 23M
Research Energy 1,945,000 14,240,000 27M
Research Zynthium 1,296,667 9,493,333 18M
Research Time 13h 20m 4d 14h 43m 20s 9d 11h 56m 40s

Advanced Lab 8


Advanced Lab 10


Build Oil 291,750
Build Metal 275,542
Build Energy 324,167
Build Zynthium 216,111
Build Time 5h 11m


Decreases the range at which opposing ships can detect your submarine. For foes with Sonar specials it drastically reduces the range of their Sonar detection.

Additional Facts

  • THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER discussed a mythical cat drive.
  •  She was built with a revolutionary stealth propulsion system called a "caterpillar drive", which is described as a pump-jet system in the book. In the film however, it is shown as being a magnetohydrodynamic drive.




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