Ship combat


  • Ships are the main actors in Battle pirates, They hunt down cargo fleets, do the Raid outposts and attack players fleets and bases.
  • When one player finished building a ship, the ships can be added to a fleet which can hold up to five ships within a limited weight restriction determined by the level of dock.
  • The number of fleet a player can controlled is determined by the level of the war academy and maxs at 12 now.
  • Every fleet needs to be launched into the map for fleet action. A player can attack another players fleet, attack another players base, guard ones base, guard alliances players base, or attack draconian targets.

Map Action

In the battle Pirate Map, you can

  • Move (Move Here) your fleet,
  • Attack (Attack base/outpost/fleet/cargo fleet etc) players' or draconian's or reaver's fleets or bases (outposts/strongholds) or
  • show (Find relay Tower) you the tower location or
  • move to a location (Relay Move here)  using towers automoatically or
  • (Add Bookmark) in your locators bookmark tag or
  • (Post Coord in comms)

You can also do a few things when you have a fleet and when you are clicking on a base:-

  • Attack a base
  • Guard an Allianced base.

Battle Map Action

When you engaged in a Battle whether Base/Outpost/Stronghold or Cargo/Elite Cargo/reaver fleets, you will connect to the kixeye Battle server to conduct the battle. the Map will change to another Battle map.

Base Battle

In a Base Battle, The Base and its defending fleets, and your fleet would be shown in the same Map and your ships will be at the portion of the map where it attacks the Base. 

Fleet Battle

In a Fleet Battle, The enemy fleet and your fleet would be shown in the same Map and your ships will be at the opposite portion of the map where the enemy fleet is shown, except for the recent Burning seas raid where your fleet will always be at the SW corner of the map.

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