"short-range rockets with splash damage."

Hydra Rockets

Hydra Rockets 4


Much like the previous Ripper Cannon, Hydra Rockets have a limited range from which they can fire powerful shots, but take a good while to reload. They are described as "launches a volley of rockets".  Similar to mortars they damage an area.


Hydra Rockets Stats
Level Range Damage Accuracy Reload Time D * A / RT Type Weight Requirements
I 40 150 100% 6 25 Explosive 105 tons
II 40 255 100% 6.5 39.2 Explosive 221 tons
III 40 434 100% 7 62 Explosive 463 tons
IV 40 737 100% 7.5 98.3 Explosive 972 tons

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Hydra rockets

Hydra Rockets

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