Research Hulls

Most of the hulls used in Battle Pirates can only be attained through Forsaken Missions and Raids, however thirteen of them are available to research in the Naval Lab. Generally as players progress through the research hull tiers, they see a steady progression of increased slots for weapons, specials, and armor, and increased weight limit.  Speed and evade generally decrease however.  Exceptions to this trend include the Sea Wolf, which sacrifices armor for speed, and the Hammerhead, which has a lower cargo capacity than the Floating Fortress but is otherwise faster and more capable.

Blueprint Hulls

Players also have the opportunity to win blueprints for hulls during the raid events held roughly monthly, and weekly during the Forsaken Mission (FM). Hull blueprints can also be "crafted" in the foundry. Players obtain fragments by hitting various targets on the world map, and these can be redeemed for hull blueprints.

Certain hulls can also be retrofitted (along with weapons and components) to improve their base statistics in the Retrofit Lab, and further researched in the Foundry.

Hulls that can be won include Forsaken, Draconian, Reaver & Scourge ship types, each of which have different strengths, weaknesses and abilities.

Note: Work in Progress.

Forsaken Hulls

Draconian Hulls

Reaver Hulls

Limited Blueprint Hulls

These hulls may be obtained from events, or from Campaigns available at all times within the game. Unlike other hulls where once the blueprint is won, players can build as many as they wish, each limited hull blueprint allows the building of only one of that type of hull. The maximum number of blueprints that can be held varies with each hull type.