• Forsaken Armor Plates that are built to withstand High-Salvo rapid fire Weapons, by reducing the damage they deal by a flat amount.
  • The effect will be after Defense Bonus is considered, and there will be a minimum amount of damage so that ships will not be immune to a certain type of weapon damage.

Stats Progression

Ballistic Plate I 750 150 Ballistic Damage -2
Ballistic Plate II 1,250 250 Ballistic Damage -4
Ballistic Plate III 1,750 350 Ballistic Damage -6
Penetrative Plate I 750 150 Penetrative Damage -6
Penetrative Plate II 1,250 250 Penetrative Damage -10
Penetrative Plate III 1,750 350 Penetrative Damage -14 
Explosive Plate I 750 150 Explosive Damage -8
Explosive Plate II 1,250 250 Explosive Damage -16
Explosive Plate III 1,750 350 Explosive Damage -22
Compound Plate I 1,255 251 Ballistic Damage -2
Penetrative Damage -4
Explosive Damage -4
Compound Plate II 1,770 354 Ballistic Damage -2
Penetrative Damage -4
Explosive Damage -6
Compound Plate III 2,285 457 Ballistic Damage -4
Penetrative Damage -6
Explosive Damage -8

Additional Facts

  • This plate armor is very effective against high salvo weapons like Rockets, D33-X, D71-Q, Sentinel Missiles 5, etc.
  • For Example:
    • Let's assume our ship has Reactive Armor 3 [RA3] (66% Missiles Defense), and three Penetrative Plate 2 (Penetrative Damage -10).
    • Now, Let's take Assault Missiles D53-R, it has 150 Damage, 37 Explosive Damage and it has 2 Salvo.
    • So Per Salvo, damage from Assault Missiles D55-R is 75 Missile Damage and 18.5 Explosive Damage.
    • RA3 will reduce Missile Damage to 25.5 (34% of 75).
    • Then three Penetrative Plate 2 armor bonus will further reduce 25.5 -30 to -4.5.
    • So against said ship, only 37 Explosive Damage is counted and a certain minimum Missiles Damage will damage the ship.
  • Fact

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