• There are currently 4 catagories of Forsaken Armor. IronSteel,Titanium & Depleted Uranium.
  • Forsaken Armor is researched in the Naval Lab.
  • Researching Forsaken Armor has the additional benefit of unlocking the ability to build higher level turrets in your base.


Iron I 15 10
Iron II 30 20
Iron III 60 40
Iron IV 120 80
Steel I 50 20
Steel II 110 44
Steel III 242 97
Steel IV 532 213
Titanium I 105 30
Titanium II 231 66
Titanium III 508 145
Titanium IV 1,118 319
Depleted Uranium I 203 45
Depleted Uranium II 446 99
Depleted Uranium III 980 218
Depleted Uranium IV 2,156 479

Additional Facts

  • Depleted Uranium 4 is a common goal for players to attain so they can build level 4 turrets.
  • A tip: DU4 is the only armor "worth researching". DU2 and DU3 are not worth the time in researching prior to DU4 but is a great way to get additional XP later on in the game.
  • Titanium armor is useful in the early game; then you will graduate to DU4 and eventually most of your ships will employ Draconian Armor by the late mid-game (say you are now a level 42 or higher) .

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