• Best used for attacking bases or targets that are slow moving because their long projectile flight time after firing can give the target the ability to move out of splash range.

Additional Facts

  • These weapons do not have an accuracy rating so are unaffected by a ships evade.
  • Instead they land within the weapon's spread.
  • This means weapons with a lower spread are more likely to have their shell land on the target so specials like Electronic Range Finder help them hit more accurately.
  • Some prefer a high spread so mortars will have the opportunity to land on targets that would otherwise be out of range.
  • The damage of the weapon radiates from the point of impact to the limit of the weapon's splash.
  • This means specials like Highly Explosive Shells increases the area in which the weapon will do damage.
  • Splash is useful to hit adjacent or stacked targets. Splash 4 is the width of one wall.