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  • There are 3 types:
    1. Defensive
      • These specials provide resistance to one or more types of damage. The function the same no matter the weapon installed on the defense platform. They are most often used on platform with short range / high damage weapons so the attacking fleet is forced to pause for a longer period to destroy the platform.
      • Example:
    2. Offensive
      • These specials only affect specific weapons installed on their Defense Platform. Make sure you are applying them appropriately!
      • Example:
    3. Hybrid
      • ???
      • Example: Frontline Platforms
  • Both Base Specials and Ship Specials can be researched in the Advanced Lab or accessed via Blueprints gained through events.
  • Specials you have gained through events can be found under the "Advanced" tab in your Intelligence Lab.
  • Base specials modify the offensive or defensive capabilities of defense platforms.
  • They can be installed on a defense platform once it has been upgraded to level 3.
  • To install a special select the turret and click on "set turret." Under the turret picture, click on the pentagon under the weapon circle to install a base special.