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An upgraded Reaver chaingun with quicker reload, longer range, and armor piercing slugs.
  — In-Game Description 


Bypass Chaingun I Bypass Chaingun II Bypass Chaingun III
Tech Reaver
Range 50
Damage 1572 2620 4134
Salvo 30
Reload 7.50 sec
Accuracy 70%
Weapon Type Cannon
Damage Type Ballistic
Weight 296 446 672
Radioactive Damage 786 1310 2067
Ballistic Defense Bypass 25% 27% 30%


Bypass Chaingun I Bypass Chaingun II Bypass Chaingun III
Oil 4,576,440 8,782,912 12,672,440
Metal 4,118,796 7,904,621 11,405,196
Energy 4,439,147 8,519,425 12,292,267
Zynthium 4,256,089 8,168,108 11,785,369
Time With Officer 7hr 51m 31s 13h 57m 30s 23h 15m 4s


Additional Facts

The Bypass Chaingun has similar build costs to the Reaver Chaingun, its predecessor. However, the cool-down time between salvos is much lower, damage is much higher, and a portion of the damage bypasses standard ballistic resistances. The build time is slightly higher (the difference between RC3 and BC3 is just over four hours).

These weapons outrange Reaver Chainguns by nearly 5%.



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