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There is nothing in this section, since you should not be cheating to win. If you want to drop $500 (for example) on a digital game, then feel free, but don't hack to win. If you are already hacking the game, shame on you. You're just wasting your time by showing us all how meaningless your life really is, and how little you care for actual accomplishment.


There are numerous bugs in the game; none of which will be mentioned here, as they should not be exploited. If you find a bug in the game code, do the right thing and let Kixeye know and file a support ticket. They have stopped banning people who legitimately stumble on a bug/glitch by accident, and are only banning people who they have found evidence of long-term exploitation, or are cheating in some other way.

Also Worth noting is that cheating is taken very seroiusly by people in sectors and Will report cheaters. Also Kixeye will also stop people who use gold if they think that they are cheating.

Other Players Exploiting Glitches/Bugs or using Cheats/Hacks

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