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Brimstone Missile

Long-range defense missile that will blanket an area with radioactive boosted warheads on impact, causing any ship it destroys to explode and damage its comrades.
  — In-game Description 


Brimstone Missile Stats
Splash 30
Spread 70
Range 40-135
Damage 1,120
Reload Time 12
Type Penetrating
Radioactive Damage 224


Oil 76,202,480
Metal 60,961,984
Energy 60,961,984
Zynthium 121,923,968
Time 10d 12h
Time With Officer


  • A looted Reaver modified version of the Forsaken Halo Missile.
  • The Brimstone Missile boasts a Radioactive warhead which causes targets struck by the falling warheads to detonate upon their demise doing damage to surrounding friendly ships.
  • Additionally the Radioactive infused warheads scramble Forsaken Counter-Measure systems making them extremely difficult to track and shoot down.

Additional Facts

  • This blueprint was introduced as a Tier 5 prize in the Trial by Fire Raid. It was rewarded to players trading in 12.5M points for it.    [January 2014]



Battle Pirates Trial by Fire01:39

Battle Pirates Trial by Fire

Battle Pirates: Trial by Fire - Event Briefing

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