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New Bombard Rockets IV

Bombard Rockets IV

Anti-mortar defense cannon used to shoot down mortar shells from enemy ships.
  — In-game Description 


Bombard Rockets Stats
Bombard Rockets Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Range 35 35 35 35
Damage 0 0 0 0
Accuracy 50 60 70 75
Reload Time 2 2 2 2
Salvo 4 8 12 16
Type Anti-Explosive Anti-Explosive Anti-Explosive Anti-Explosive
Research Time 2h 22m 19h 14 m 7d 5h 08m
Research Requirements Weapon Lab Weapon Lab Weapon Lab 8

Weapon Lab 10

Bombard Rockets III

Research Oil 205,200 1,846,800 16,621,200
Research Metal 188,100 1,692,900 15,236,100
Research Energy 188,100 1,692,900 16,236,100
Research Zynthium 213,750 1,923,750 17,313,750
Build Time 36s 12m 1h55m
Build Oil 7,600 68,400 615,600
Build Metal 6,967 62,700 564,300
Build Energy 6,967 62,700 564,300
Build Zynthium 7,917 71,250 641,250


Bombard rockets are missiles that shoot down enemy mortar shells. These weapons can only be used on defence platforms, and cannot do damage to enemy ships. These are best used sparingly and in the center of a base, or where mortar shells are most likely to fall.

Anti-mortar defense cannon used to shoot down mortar shells from enemy ships. Each higher level of defense weapon fires more salvo's with greater accuracy. Multiple Bombard Rockets will still only fire one shot against each incoming Mortar shell.

Currently, Enhanced Propulsion is the only special that increase the offensive capabilities of Bombard Rockets.

Additional Facts

Bombard Rockets launch to blast enemy ships out of the water.
  — Old In-game Description 




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