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Battle Pirates Description

The year is 2067 and Earth is covered in water. Survivors are split into two factions: The Forsaken and the oppressive Draconian Empire.

  • Engage in real-time synchronous PvP and NPC combat.
  • Create an island fortress through strategic placement of 85 land tiles.
  • Place defensive platforms in range of combinations to deter NPC and player attacks.
  • Research new technologies and mix and match armor, weapons and hulls to create more than 50 ships.
  • Scavenge for survival by attacking other players Outposts.
  • Collect Blueprints and advance technologies.
  • Advance your position in one of 400 Sectors on the World Map.


  • Named #1 Up-and-Coming App in 2011 by Facebook.
  • The first and only true synchronous MMO RTS in a 24/7 persistent environment on Facebook.
  • Ranked #1 Most Popular Combat/Strategy Game on Facebook in 2011*
  • Based on data collected from AppData.

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Featured Video & Slideshow

Battle Pirates Trailer01:12

Battle Pirates Trailer

  • Attacking the Level 12 Draconian fleet by using the Hammerhead
  • Attacking the Level 46 Player's Base by using the Floating Fortress
  • Messages
  • Attack Base - Attack at your own risk!
  • Attacking the Level 12 Draconian fleet by using Sea Scorpion
  • Cutless Missiles II - Forsaken Tech

Welcome to the Battle Pirates Wiki

Battle Pirates Wiki is a collaboratively edited, multilingual, free Internet encyclopedia. Battle Pirates Wiki's articles are written collaboratively by volunteers around the world. Almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone having access to the site.

Battle Pirates Wiki was created on 10:20, December 16, 2010, by Pro Man . He coined the name Battle Pirates Wiki, which is a portmanteau of wiki (a type of collaborative website, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning "quick") and encyclopedia.

Battle Pirates Wiki has also been praised as a news source due to articles related to breaking news often being rapidly updated. The open nature of Battle Pirates Wiki has led to various concerns, such as the quality of writing, the amount of vandalism, and the accuracy of information. Some articles contain unverified or inconsistent information.

Where players can research all the different units, weapons, defenses and specials available in the game. This is just a baseline, we'd love to see players generate articles that help others understand the basic and advanced concepts in the game, teach gameplay strategies, and generally increase the knowledge base for those who might be struggling or stuck in a rut.

Notes: This is a work in progress, if you find something missing, have an edit, or want to add in some thoughts of your own, please do so, just double check your edits!

Weekly Polls

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How is the improved new design of Battle Pirates Wiki?

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Featured Wiki News

  1. If you have found a user or users who violated the rules & policies , please report it to Battle Pirates Wiki for further action.
  2. The navigation quotes will be added in all pages to make it easier to navigate!
  3. The animated photo (GIF) will be added in almost all the pages in the wiki to makes the wiki looks interesting.
  4. The wiki navigation may be updated from time to time.

Featured Game News

Breaking News

New Future Features and Feedback Poll

  • On top of continued improvements and features to Battle Pirates, Kixeye are also working toward bringing truly epic cooperative play to the game. There are three major features that are currently being considered and they'd like to get your feedback as to which one is the most exciting to you.

Notice: Draconian Bases Repair Time Changing

  • Greetings everyone, We just wanted to let players know that we will be changing the repair time duration on Draconian Bases. The repair time duration will be increased, but nothing else will be changing. (KIXEYE CM MagicSarap )

Battle Pirates Preview Server

The Battle Pirates preview server is currently offline until the next Public Testing session is scheduled.

Please check the forum for updates!

See the Preview Server page for more information!

Next Raid

Dragon's Grip 2

September 19, 2013

See the Events page for more information!

Game Updates

Battle Pirates Update 9/12/2013

Greetings Captains,

Today’s update includes the new Retrofit Lab ! Players will now be able to modify and upgrade a number of their Forsaken hulls and enhance their capabilities in battle.

The Retrofit Lab can be upgraded to Level 5, which is necessary in order to unlock access to all 5 upgrade levels.

Ships that have been fully upgraded will be designated with a new paint scheme to distinguish them as the most elite on the seas!

See the linked page (blue word) for more information!

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