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Featured Wiki News

Kixeye has recently reduced the Research and Build times for all Researched Technology. So a lot of Research and Build times on our pages will be incorrect, we will do our best to update them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Featured Game News

Game Updates:

25 Mar 2014 Release Update

This week’s update has introduced a new Fleet Manager on the World Map, as well as three new Ships being introduced into the Retrofit lab, based on Community Feedback.

Click here for more info on this update.

18 Mar 2014 Release Update This weeks release contains the conversion of Reputation to the new Resource, Uranium. A new Reaver Dredge Fleet, as well as the ability to now retrofit your Armor and Special Components.
Click here for more info on this update.

12 Mar 2014 release Update

Todays release includes, a new Level 1 - 40 Curve for Players as well as new Weapon Slots (White UAV) for a few ships, and some minor bug fixes.

We have been in the process of testing a rebalanced Level Curve from 1 - 40, and the tests for this feature have been completed. We have decided to roll this change out to all players. You’ll now see a reduction in both Research and Build times for all Researched Technology.
Click here for more info on this update.

New Blueprints Available:
Forsaken Missions:

  • Crossbow I and II - a long range ballistic ship weapon that pierces through all targets in a line.

Click here for more info on this blueprint release.

Click here for more info on this blueprint release.

Click here for more info on this blueprint release.

Reign of Fire Raid:

Click here for more info on this blueprint release.

About Battle Pirates

The year is 2067 and Earth is covered in water. Survivors are split into two factions: The Forsaken and the oppressive Draconian Empire.

  • Design an island fortress with up to 85 land tiles at your disposal.
  • Place defensive platforms in range of combinations to deter NPC and player attacks.
  • Engage in real-time synchronous PvP and NPC combat.
  • Research new technologies and mix and match armor, weapons and hulls to create more than 50 ships.
  • Scavenge for survival by attacking other players Outposts.
  • Collect Blueprints and advance technologies.
  • Advance your position in one of 500 Sectors on the World Map.

Play it now, either on Facebook or Kixeye!

Next Raid

Forsaken Mission Reputation Rewards


Riptide has finished!
For more information, see the Events page.

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