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Battle Pirates Tutorial Defensive Turrets00:53

Battle Pirates Tutorial Defensive Turrets

These are the weapons you can place as turrets on your defense platforms to defend your base against attacks by other players. Most of them can be researched in your Weapons Lab, but a few can only be obtained as Blueprints.

List of Base Weapons




Short Range Weapons

These base weapons are designed to rapidly deal large amounts of damage to ships that get close.  They force most fleets to slow down and destroy them from range before proceeding.

Current Short Range Weapons:

Long Range Weapons

These Weapons have a long range to target ships attempting to destroy a base from a distance.  They force most fleets to speed up so as to close with them quickly.

Current Long Range Weapons:

Defensive Weapons

These weapons attempt to intercept incoming fire so as to reduce the damage taken from attacking ships.

Current Defensive Weapons:

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