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A good base design is essential to your defense! Access base planner to modify and save your base layout at any time!
  — Kixeye 


  • The Base Planner allow players to edit and modify their base designs in a more intuitive and efficient manner.
  • There are a number of features within the Base Planner that will allow players to edit their base designs.
  • Base Planner - your tool to completely change up your layout in a matter of minutes.
  • Whether you're preparing for an incoming invasion or just want some new scenery, the Base Planner is the perfect tool!

Additional Facts

  • Keyboard Shortcut Commands - Players will now be able to use keyboard shortcuts to undo, redo and save their Base Planner designs.
  • Wall Improvements - Players will now be able to draw walls from other walls instead of having to click adjacent to them.

In-Game Quotes

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  — Description 

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Battle Pirates Tutorial Basic Base Design02:15

Battle Pirates Tutorial Basic Base Design

Battle Pirates Base Planner03:33

Battle Pirates Base Planner


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