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Is this the best armor to use on a Ship and can you fit this armor on any ship?

List of ArmorsEdit

Forsaken Armor Forsaken Plate Armor Draconian Armor


Armor is a plating applied to Hulls to increase their resilience and survivability, in exchange for increased weight. Armor equipped on a ship adds points to the hull's base health. In addition, as of Sept. 10, 2014, KIX upgraded turrets so now armor can be added to them as well: "Reinforcement Armor" that is available for research in your Naval Lab for use on turrets only.

D5-E armor

D5-E armor

Forsaken ArmorsEdit

  • There are currently 4 catagories of Forsaken Armor. Iron, Steel, Titanium & Depleted Uranium.
  • Forsaken Armor is researched in the Naval Lab. Researching Forsaken Armor has the additional benefit of unlocking the ability to build higher level turrets in your base. Depleted Uranium 4 is a common goal for players to attain so they can build level 4 turrets.
  • A tip: DU4 is the only armor "worth researching". DU2 and DU3 are not worth the time in researching prior to DU4 but is a great way to get additional XP later on in the game.
  • Titanium armor is useful in the early game; then you will graduate to DU4 and eventually most of your ships will employ Draconian Armor by the late mid-game (say you are now a level 42 or higher) .
Forsaken Armor Stats
Armor Points Weight (Tons)
Iron I 15 10
Iron II 30 20
Iron III 60 40
Iron IV 120 80
Steel I 50 20
Steel II 110 44
Steel III 242 97
Steel IV 532 213
Titanium I 105 30
Titanium II 231 66
Titanium III 508 145
Titanium IV 1,118 319
Depleted Uranium I 203 45
Depleted Uranium II 446 99
Depleted Uranium III 980 218
Depleted Uranium IV 2,156 479

Forsaken Plate ArmorsEdit

  • New Forsaken Armor Plates that are built to withstand High-Salvo rapid fire Weapons, by reducing the damage they deal by a flat amount.
  • The effect will be after Defense Bonus is considered, and there will be a minimum amount of damage so that ships will not be immune to a certain type of weapon damage.
Forsaken Plate Armor Stats
Armor Points Weight (Tons) Defense Bonus
Ballistic Plate I 750 150 Ballistic Damage -2
Ballistic Plate II 1,250 250 Ballistic Damage -4
Ballistic Plate III 1,750 350 Ballistic Damage -6
Penetrative Plate I 750 150 Penetrative Damage -6
Penetrative Plate II 1,250 250 Penetrative Damage -10
Penetrative Plate III 1,750 350 Penetrative Damage -14 
Explosive Plate I 750 150 Explosive Damage -8
Explosive Plate II 1,250 250 Explosive Damage -16
Explosive Plate III 1,750 350 Explosive Damage -22
Compound Plate I 1,255 251 Ballistic Damage -2
Penetrative Damage -4
Explosive Damage -4
Compound Plate II 1,770 354 Ballistic Damage -2
Penetrative Damage -4
Explosive Damage -6
Compound Plate III 2,285 457 Ballistic Damage -4
Penetrative Damage -6
Explosive Damage -8

Additional Info:Edit

This plate armor is very effective against high salvo weapons like Rockets, D33-XD71-QSentinel Missiles 5, etc.

For Example:
Let's assume our ship has Reactive Armor 3 [RA3] (66% Missiles Defense), and three Penetrative Plate 2 (Penetrative Damage -10).
Now, Let's take Assault Missiles D53-R, it has 150 Damage, 37 Explosive Damage and it has 2 Salvo.
So Per Salvo, damage from Assault Missiles D55-R is 75 Missile Damage and 18.5 Explosive Damage.
RA3 will reduce Missile Damage to 25.5 (34% of 75). Then three Penetrative Plate 2 armor bonus will further reduce 25.5 -30 to -4.5.
So against said ship, only 37 Explosive Damage is counted and a certain minimum Missiles Damage will damage the ship.

Draconian ArmorsEdit

  • There are currently 4 catagories of Draconian Armor. D1 SeriesD2 SeriesD3 Series & D4 Series.
  • D5-E is new and first available in the Aug. 27, 2014 Weekly Mission; it also gives a 10% Evade bonus
  • Draconian armors provide almost exactly 4.5 Armor Points / Ton (plus or minus 3 armor point) but they all come with special attributes which can range from bonus resistance against a given damage type, increased map speed, increased combat speed, increased evade, more effecive submarine cloak amongst others.
  • They can be obtained by;
Draconian Armor Stats
Armor Points Weight (Tons) Defense Bonus
D1-M 300 67 Missile Resistance +10%
D1-X 450 100 Explosive Resistance +10%


133 Ballistic Resistance +10%
D2-V 750 167 Combat Speed +5%
D2-N 750 167 Map Speed +10%
D2-T 750 167 Turn Speed +14%
D2-E 750 167 Evade +7%
D2-M 750 167 +10% Missile Resistance
D2-X 750 167 +10% Explosive Resistance
D2-C 750 167 +10% Ballistic Resistance
D2-S 750 167

Sub Stealth Visible Range -5%

D2-P 750 167 Sub Detection Range +5%
D3-V 1,250 278 Combat Speed +5%
D3-N 1,250 278 Map Speed +10%
D3-T 1,250 278 Turn Speed +14%
D3-E 1,250 278 Evade +7%
D3-M 1,250 278 +10% Missile Resistance
D3-X 1,250 278 +10% Explosive Resistance
D3-C 1,250 278 +10% Ballistic Resistance
D3-P 1250 278 Sub Detection Range +5%
D4-V 1,750 389 Combat Speed +5%
D4-N 1,750 389 Map Speed +10%
D4-T 1,750 389 Turn Speed +14%
D4-E 1,750 389 Evade +7%
D4-M 1,750 389 +10% Missile Resistance
D4-X 1,750 389 +10% Explosive Resistance
D4-C 1,750 389 +10% Ballistic Resistance
D4-P 1750 389 Sub Detection Range +5%
D5-E 2250 489 Evade +10%
D5-E armorE

A weekly T4 prize: D5-E

Armor WeightEdit

  • For Forsaken Armors, each category of armor provides more points for less weight per point. For example, Depleted Uranium (DU) provide 2,156 points with a weight of 479 tons compared to Titanium's 1,118 points for 319 tons.
  • Depleted Uranium is almost double the points and only about 100 tons more. It is desirable to have armor that is weight efficient because of tonnage weights imposed on the ship by its hull and on the fleet by the size of the dock.
  • Depleted Uranium and Draconian Armors provide aproximately 4.5 armor points per ton of the armor.

Effect on Repair TimesEdit

  • The repair time of a damaged or destroyed ship is based on its amount of armor points.
  • That is 1 second per armor point, except in the case of submarines in which the time is 4 seconds per amor point. However, this 4 secs. rule varies somewhat  on the ship's hull type.
  • Repair time can be reduced by 10% by using a "Master Fixer" captain in the Great Hall.





IronSteelTitaniumDepleted Uranium

Forsaken Plate

Ballistic PlatePenetrative PlateExplosive Plate


Zynthonite Armor - D1 SeriesZynthonite Armor - D2 Series
Zynthonite Armor - D3 SeriesZynthonite Armor - D4 Series

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