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Arbiter 500px

A high tech hull capable of supporting Tactical Modules.
  — In-game Description 


Weapon Slots 1
Armor Slots 2
Armor Points 562
Special Slots 2
Max Weight 12,000 Tons
Cargo 145,000 Tons
Evade Bonus 10%
Combat Speed 12
Turn Speed 14
Map Speed 30
Underwater Weapon Yes
Refit-able Yes
Requirements Naval Lab 7
Time 2d 2h
Oil 1,263,324
Metal 1,010,659
Energy 1,010,659
Zynthium 1,263,324
Time 10h
Oil 475,923
Metal 285,554
Energy 237,962
Zynthium 297,452


The Arbiter is a only reserchable ship which comes with a Tatical Module Slot. It comes with one weapon slot, two amour slots, two special slots, and of course, one Tatical Module Slot. However, due to it's low attack powers (Since only has one weapon slot), most player only use one ship per fleet, usually used as the flagship. Usually, players fit the ship's only slot with defensive weapons. This ship however, is both excellent for offensive and defensive and comes with amazing speed. Modules usually used are the Engine Disruptor, the Microwave Dampener, the Blitz Drone Module, the Siege Drone Module or the Piranha Drone Module. But please be reminded not to build too much immediately after you researched them, since most new players make a mistake of building a lot of them after resarching them. Rememer, they have special usage, so please ask senior player before building it.

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