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Arbiter 500px

A high tech hull capable of supporting Tactical Modules.
  — In-game Description 


Weapon Slots 1
Armor Slots 2
Armor Points 562
Special Slots 2
Max Weight 12,000 Tons
Cargo 145,000 Tons
Evade Bonus 10%
Combat Speed 12
Turn Speed 14
Map Speed 30
Underwater Weapon Yes
Refit-able Yes
Requirements Naval Lab 7
Time 2d 2h
Oil 1,263,324
Metal 1,010,659
Energy 1,010,659
Zynthium 1,263,324
Time 10h
Oil 475,923
Metal 285,554
Energy 237,962
Zynthium 297,452

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  • The new hull, code named the “Arbiter”, has been designed for a singular purpose, to equip and carry Tactical Modules.
  • The Hull itself has been fashioned from a medium sized cargo carrier and has been updated to carry Tactical Modules instead of cargo.
  • For its size, the hull is surprisingly fast and has a decent amount of armor.
  • The Arbiter is a researchable ship with very limited capacity beyond the Tactical Module it is equipped with.
  • Some new players make the mistake of building a lot of Arbiters when they first research them, not realizing that their use is specialized.
  • The weight and resource cost of the tactical modules makes them a poor choice for low level pirates.
  • The Arbiter is a ship that has only one weapon slot but room for extra tactical upgrades.

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