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TECH DESCRIPTION Resists a percentage of Explosive damage from weapons like mortars and rockets. Ablative Armor III - Pic
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Basic Information

  • The Ablative Armor is the second Ships Specials after the Reactive Armor and before the Layered Armor.

Stats Progression

Level I II III
Bp Spec 4 Bp Spec 5 Bp Spec 6
Explosive Defense +33% +50% +66%
Armor Weight +5% +10% +14%
Research Costs
Oil 229,500 5,896,800 22,950,000
Metal 216,750 5,569,200 21,675,000
Energy 255,000 6,552,000 25,500,000
Zynthium 170,000 4,368,000 17,000,000
Research Time 4h 00m 4d 0h 00m 8d 0h 00m

Advance Lab 3

Advance Lab 8

Ablative Armor I

Advance Lab 10

Ablative Armor II

Equip Costs
Oil 38,250 982,800 3,825,000
Metal 36,125 928,200 3,422,500
Energy 42,500 1,092,000 4,250,000
Zynthium 28,333 728,000 2,833,333
Build Time 1h 45m 00s 6h 15m 00s 8h 56m 24s

Additional Information

  • Some people may named Ablative Armor as AA or ABL.


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  — In-Game Description 

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